5 Common Furnace Issues and How to Solve Them

Having a working furnace is essential, especially throughout the harsh winters in New York and New Jersey. Fortunately, you can keep your home comfortable during the coldest part of the year by recognizing when your furnace needs repairs and then calling a technician for furnace services. However, there are several furnace repairs that you may be able to handle on your own!

Your Energy Bill Is Higher Than Usual

It’s normal for energy bills to rise during the winter, but if you notice that your energy bills are unusually high, it might be a sign that your furnace is running inefficiently. This can occur if your filter is clogged, your thermostat has been incorrectly wired, or if you have an air leak.


To determine what the issue is, you may need to look into all three of these possibilities. Start by changing your filter, since a dirty filter can cause your furnace to overwork and raise your energy costs significantly. If your energy bill is still high, take a look at your thermostat next. Your heat may be running on full blast when no one is home, so check your timer presets. If neither of these are causing issues, go through your home and check for drafts. If you notice a draft, locate the hole and use caulk or weatherstripping to seal the leaks.

Odd Smells Are Emanating From Your Furnace

When you first turn on your furnace after a long period of inactivity, it usually emits a dusty, burning smell. However, if you notice that the smell isn’t going away after a few minutes, you could be dealing with a serious situation.


There are different solutions, depending on what you smell. Your safest option is to shut off your furnace and contact a professional technician for furnace services. But, you can do this if you notice the following smells:Rotten eggs: There is probably an issue with your natural gas supply. Shut off the furnace immediately and contact your natural gas company. Musty smell: This is usually a sign that moisture and bacteria are trapped in your furnace and should clear within a day. If it does not, you may be dealing with a mold infestation. Getting your ducts cleaned can easily get rid of this issue. Burning oil: If you smell burning oil, change your furnace filter. If this doesn’t get rid of the smell, you may have an oil leak. Call a professional technician to determine if this is the issue.

Your Furnace Is Noisy

We're not referring to a few creaks and bangs here and there. Even the newest furnaces make sounds occasionally. We're talking about rattling noises, whistling noises, or banging noises that occur regularly.


Figure out where the noise is coming from. If you hear a strange whistling noise, the issue could be with your ductwork. Do you hear a rattling sound? It’s possible that a screw or bolt has come loose and needs to be tightened. If you hear banging, your ducts may be moving due to changes in air pressure or temperature, but it also could be ignition roll-out, a small explosion with serious consequences. If the issue is minor, you may be able to fix it yourself, but don’t risk it with more serious issues. Call a professional for furnace services.

Lack of Routine Furnace Maintenance

When was the last time you had a maintenance check? If your answer is more than a year ago, you should schedule a maintenance inspection. Furnace maintenance should be performed at least once a year.


Schedule a yearly maintenance check. During a routine maintenance check, a technician will take a look at your furnace and notify you if any repairs are necessary. Regular checks and repairs will ensure that your furnace stays in the best condition and lasts for many years.

Inconsistent Heat Flow

Is your home’s temperature fluctuating? Is it one temperature in one room and another in a different room? If you're having these problems, it might be due to your furnace or something else.


Once again, there are several solutions depending on the problem, so it’s important to first identify the problem.Your furnace is blowing cold air: If your furnace is blowing cold air, check your fan switch. Your fan switch may be set to “ON” or “Manual Overdrive,” causing the fan to blast cold air.The temperature is fluctuating: In this situation, it's possible that the problem isn't with your furnace. Your ductwork may not be properly fitted to your home, or you could have an insulation issue that is causing heat to escape.You have the wrong thermostat: You’ll need to replace the thermostat in your home if it is not correctly detecting the temperature in certain areas of your home.

Who Should I Call For Furnace Services?

If your furnace isn’t working correctly and you’re not sure why, don't hesitate to call a professional technician for furnace services such as furnace repair, replacement, and routine maintenance. If you live in New York or New Jersey and are looking for the best HVAC company to hire, Quick Serve Pro is always happy to help out! Simply give us a call and we will take a look at your furnace to determine the issue, then resolve it as quickly as we can. Why should you have to suffer through the coldest months of the year when you can turn to us in your time of need?

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